I previously owned North Central Computers in this same building. We had some delinquents break in and steal the copper out of the building while it was vacant, and we were unable to sell the property. My husband suggested we put another business in the building for a little while. So I tossed the idea around with my sister and mom. We came up with Deedee’s Treasures. I thought we’d just keep it going long enough to improve the value of the property and then sell. Little did I know… the community of crafters would join me and support us. I am having the time of my life meeting new people, learning new crafts and it looks like we’re busy making a 10 year plan! I have the best customers, and the most clever crafters! My quilting customers spread the word about the fabric I have, and we’re ordering more and more fabric all the time. This shop is in my very biased opinion the best place to buy unique gifts, and fabric of all kinds.

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